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How to Hack Pokemon Go: Tips for Successful Game

Pokemon Go turned out to be a very addicting game, but to catch Pokemon and advance in the game, you need to walk a lot – bonuses are tied to places in the real world. And to walk too lazy! Therefore, there are many ways to trick the game into thinking that you are traveling the world and not sitting at home.

Why is it needed

By changing your location data, you will be able to “teleport” to a place where rare Pokemon are found. The average player needs to physically get to this place, and you will achieve this sitting at home or work.

The creators of Pokemon Go expressly prohibit users from playing unfairly, including spoofing their location. So if you dare to try the methods described below, be prepared that you can be blocked in the game at any time. Also, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, is no stranger to location-based games and knows how to deal with liars.

I have an iPhone, what should I do?

First of all, prepare for the fact that this is a rather complicated process. Ideally, you need to find a programmer friend with an Apple application developer account, having one nearby will greatly simplify the path to foul play in Pokémon. The detailed instructions are too complicated, so they are put on a separate page.

I have an Android. It’s easier there, isn’t it?

Not really. You won’t need a friend with an Apple developer account, but you will have to work hard. The hardest part is getting root rights on the phone. If these words scare you, move on. If not, go to the instruction page.

Are there easier ways to cheat?

There are, but they give much fewer advantages. These methods involve eggs that need to be “incubated” in the game: for it to hatch into a Pokemon, the player needs to walk a certain distance (several kilometers). There are two ways to wind up the counter slightly.

The first method is associated with the inaccuracy of determining the location by GPS. On Android, you need to go to the geolocation settings and switch to the “By GPS satellites” mode. After that, you can see how the character in Pokemon Go moves slightly but tries to find the most accurate correspondence to the coordinates. These movements are good for hatching eggs. Thus, Meduza managed to wind 70 meters under one of the eggs in half an hour. The iPhone does not have the same convenient option as Android, but on the Internet it is advised to double-click the Home button, switch to another application, and return to Pokemon Go after a few minutes. With luck, your egg will get a little closer to transforming into a Pokemon.

The second way to cheat on eggs is to make your smartphone walk without you. The author of the following video claims that the most effective and easiest way to do this is to put your game phone on a running turntable or strap it to a chandelier fan.