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What to Do If Avast Unable to Scan and Avast Not Updating

Avast’s antivirus product is performing well. It provides comprehensive protection for your computer. The high popularity of the project encourages developers to release new versions on a regular basis. Therefore, users should know how to update Avast. Otherwise, with outdated databases and functionality, its work will not be so effective. And if you don’t update it regularly, it will be unable to scan. Therefore, let’s look at this procedure in more detail.

Instructions to Update Avast

Avast is a quality antivirus and malware protection product that provides comprehensive protection for Windows and your computer. However, the effectiveness of its work entirely depends on the relevance of the anti-virus databases and the version of the program. If it is not updated, new viruses cannot be detected. Accordingly, a computer or laptop will be at risk.

First, we’ll look at how to make this routine using the toolkit provided in the program. And then we will talk about an alternative method that is applicable in the event that the main one does not work for some reason.

The Main Way to Do This

In general, Avast should update automatically. But if this did not happen, then you will have to manually achieve the relevance of the databases and the program itself. This is very easy to do. The instruction for this is the following:

  • Click LMB on the “Menu” button.
  • In the displayed list, select the “Settings” item.
  • On the parameters page, go to the third tab.
  • Launch the update procedure for virus signatures and the program itself.
  • Wait until it’s over.

The program will do the rest automatically without user intervention. When the process is completed, Avast will issue tell you about this. This is how you can achieve the update of the program and its databases. Simple and fast.

An Effective Alternative

If the previous method failed to achieve the desired result and still Avast unable to scan and avast not updating, then it is worth turning to the alternative. Its essence lies in the fact that the new version of the antivirus is installed over the old one. In this case, all user data and settings will remain unchanged. So use the following steps to achieve the desired result:

  • Open the download page
  • Click LMB on the orange Free Download button.
  • Save the suggested file avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe.
  • Next, open it up.
  • Refuse additional software (secure browser, etc.).
  • Start the procedure by clicking on the “Install” button.
  • Wait for its end.
  • Reboot the computer or laptop.
  • Enjoy your antivirus with the latest updates.

At the moment, there are no problems with the free Avast update if the license has expired. It’s just that the antivirus edition switches to Free Security, so you can install its latest version in the same ways as described above.


In this article, we examined the best options to update Avast antivirus in normal mode and in case of license expiration. There is nothing difficult about this, but the second option will require a little more action from the user.