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The Most Important Avast Tricks to Be Used

Avast antivirus software is perhaps the best of the free variants. An antivirus program will not take up much space on your computer, it does not eat much memory, it works practically without interruptions, it detects viruses as well as other programs if everything is configured correctly. It has a simple and clear interface even for a novice user, you can customize sounds.

If a virus is found, a male voice will alert you, or a siren will sound. It is easy to find an antivirus on your computer – its logo, the label is a beautiful lowercase letter “a” in white in a blue circle. The program is intended for operating systems of the Windows family.

The antivirus is designed to protect your computer from viruses and other harmful software, but there are other parameters by which the quality of a security program is determined, in particular:

  • Antivirus should be easy to use and manage. The more settings it contains, the better for a professional user, therefore, it is desirable to be able to include additional configuration items;
  • Antivirus should load the user’s computer to a minimum, otherwise, it will annoy the person who uses the PC;
  • Also, the antivirus should offer good technical support so that if something happens, the user can get an answer to his question.

So, it was figured out what parameters a good antivirus should have.

The benefits of Avast Antivirus

Like any other program, Avast has certain “pluses” that must be highlighted:

  • Good protection against the intrusion of virus software;
  • A good level of protection not only against viruses, but also against spyware, computer worms, Trojans, and other programs that negatively affect the state of the computer;
  • Analysis of potential virus threats thanks to the heuristic type of diagnostics;
  • Protection of almost instant messages, downloads over the Internet;
  • Controlling system processes;
  • Quite frequent updates of the anti-virus database and the programs themselves in automatic mode;
  • The ability to turn on the “quiet” mode of operation, so that the antivirus will not interfere when watching movies or if you decide to play something.

Important things to know about Avast

Although the program is free, it does a good job of protecting your computer. In addition to standard scanning, the software checks browser plugins. Wi-Fi Inspector detects third-party connections and monitors the availability of your network from the Internet. Thanks to the “quiet” mode, Avast does not distract you from work, games, or watching a movie. There is also an interesting feature called Behavior Shield. It consists in the fact that the antivirus “monitors” the operation of applications for changes in the initial activity. But now there are a lot of programs that, after installation, start downloading viruses to the computer by themselves.

Attention is required during installation. Please note that the program offers to install the Avast browser and other auxiliary programs along the way. These additions are optional, and you can safely refuse them. You just need to uncheck unnecessary checkboxes.