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Fix "Windows Modules Installer Worker" [Tutorial]

In case you receive high CPU or Disk Usage alerts for no reason, you probably face complications with the Windows Modules Installer Worker. It actually occurs often. If you wonder how come 50 or even 100% of CPU assets are taken, this is the same situation.

Some users simply don’t understand how the PC can run out of disk space having nothing stored on the PC. One thing that eats up space is the Windows Modules Installer Worker. Another way to find it is to look for TiWorker.exe.

The same situation leads to error messages, makes other software run slow or crash. If you are at a loss and have no idea how to resolve it, we suggest reading the article until the end. It will help you deal with the problem and enjoy using your PC again.

Top 4 ways to fix Windows Modules Installer Worker

  • You can start by refreshing Windows Update.

To do it, the SoftwareDistribution needs to be removed. Whenever the new version or elements are released, they get in that folder. If the file is corrupted or broken in any way, the operating system will simply leave them there. It clutters the space. Consequently, your CPU or Disk Usage has fewer resources. After you perform this trick, just look for updates once more.

Let’s try such a solution for Windows Modules Installer Worker. First, press Windows and R. The combination allows sending commands. Use “services.msc”. Stop Windows Update from running by right-clicking. Unless you do it, the folder stays intact. Only after you stop the program, reload the device and scan for the updates from scratch.

  • Try restarting Windows Update.

In case the folder doesn’t show any sign of trouble, the Windows Modules Installer Worker might still need fixing. Restarting Windows Update is the simplest but productive solution. The instruction resembles the previously described one a lot:

  • Use the buttons Windows and R simultaneously.
  • Enter the command “services.msc”.
  • Right-click Windows Update to trigger the corresponding action.
  • Try Windows Update Troubleshooter

The utility in question will search and remove all the troubles with Windows Update. A great solution, for sure. To reach it, go to Control Panel. Choose View all on the left panel and Windows Update. Stick to the prompts and all the issues will automatically be fixed including with Windows Modules Installer Worker.

  • System File Checker can also be used

Sometimes there is no necessity to run other utilities to repair the problem with Windows Modules Installer Worker. The System File Checker can be quite helpful, too. Just fix the corrupted file and let the files to be installed.

  • Use the keys Windows and X simultaneously.
  • Using the opened window, pick Command Prompt (Admin).
  • The command is sfc /scannow and then just use the Enter key.

Your device will do the rest on its own and reload the PC.

Using one of these tricks, you can easily repair Windows Modules Installer Worker and forget about lots of related issues. There won’t be any false error windows or completely use CPU. Fixing the main trouble eliminates lots of related bugs, too.

However, if you still get confused and don’t know how to approach the issue, you can turn in for professional help. There are many professional services that offer technical support.